Jim V.

Rochester, NY

"Very reliable!” - Cleaned building interior

Ann D.

Brockport, NY

“Great job! H2H Facility Services do the weekly cleaning for 3 Village buildings.” - Cleaned building interior.

Jackie P.

Rochester, NY

“We are very happy with H2H. Professional, organized, and they do a great job! We look forward to future business with them.” - Home cleaning

Burton L.

East Rochester, NY

“They’ve done well!!” - Cleaned building interior

The Village Building at Brockport

Brockport, NY

"Andy and Lowanda are the husband and wife team that clean our Village buildings every week. They have the perfect combination of happy, fun personalities and work very well as a team. Since they do clean our buildings during business hours, they are always conscious of that, very respectful of us conducting business, as well as to any citizens who enter the Village Building. They make very good use of their time and do a great job. We have a good relationship with both Andy and Lowanda, should we need to speak with either regarding an issue, not a problem. At the 9/25 Village Board meeting, our Chief of Police made a public statement regarding our cleaning crew, how employee morale had improved and citizens had commented on the improved appearance of the building. Not only have Andy and Lowanda made a difference inside our Village buildings, but the word is spreading into the community."

The Schoolhouse at Brockport

Brockport, NY

“The Schoolhouse is very pleased with the work performed by Lowanda and she continues to meet our needs. The Schoolhouse is like a second home to most of the staff. It feels wonderful to enter a clean building in the morning. The staff can get the day started right away and not feel they have to rush through cleaning. We have very high expectations of cleaning and Lowanda and her team have met all of our needs.”